creativity AND PASSION

My whole life has been centered around performing arts. I grew up performing in band and quickly became the principle Trombonist of my High School bands. Through the school and competitions, I was able at a young age to begin performing with orchestras around the country, which furthered my experience in working with a team. I received a music scholarship to Duquesne University and the Mary Pappert School of Music in Pittsburgh, PA.

While I was at Duquesne University, I switched majors to Vocal Performance and started a double major in music technology. I will never forget the moment I saw a studio the first time. The possibilities were endless. These skills let me to transfer to Full Sail in Florida, where I could focus on my engineering skills.

After Full Sail, I moved out to Los Angeles, where I have been living for around 15 years. I have a daughter, who is the love of my life, and am currently working on becoming me and bringing music back into my life, since it disappeared for about a decade. It will never be lost again.